April 6, 2008

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

A pirate themed birthday party is great for little boys, and can even be done if you plan on having a party with both boys and girls. It is a great idea for a child of almost any age, and there are all types of famous pirate characters that little kids can have fun with. Throwing a pirate themed birthday party for your child’s next birthday is a great idea, and you can make it a birthday party they will remember forever. Here are some ideas for planning your pirate themed birthday party:

Dressing Up
You can either ask guests to come dressed up, or even supply great accessories to have all of the kids dress up like pirates. You can buy eye patches, fun hats, and even swords and face paints to get everyone into character, or even purchase a full outfit for the birthday boy or girl with all of the fun accessories. You can also find parrot costumes since no pirate is without a parrot by his side, and this can be a great role for a younger sibling to play. You can have a costume contest if you plan on having the kids dress up before arriving, or let the children have fun dressing up each other if you plan on supplying the accessories.

Pirate Activities
You can get all of the children involved in pirate activities, like setting up a treasure hunt with a huge reward at the end. You can prepare treasure maps for each child or split them into groups, or even make them solve clues through riddles to find the buried treasure. Make sure to keep it a secret from the birthday star though, so they too can participate in the fun of finding the treasure.

Pirate Invitations
One great idea for creating pirate invitations, is to place them inside plastic bottles. You can use tan paper stained with tea or coffee to make it look old, and print all of the party information right on the paper. Roll it up and place it inside the bottle and all of your invitees will know exactly what to expect on your child’s big day. You can even include the treasure map on the back if you plan on trying this pirate activity or even mention a costume contest if you plan on having the guests arrive in their favorite pirate costume.

Pirate Cake and Food
The possibilities really are endless when it comes to making a pirate cake, since you can either have one decorated at your local bakery or make it at home. One great idea is using a flat sheet cake as a treasure map, or you can even buy small pirate figurines to place on the cake. Most bakeries or grocery stores can decorate cakes with popular pirate characters such as pirate cakes with the Pirates of the Carribean theme, or you can make it yourself by decorating it with treasure chests and treasures. There really are a lot of different possibilities for making a themed pirate birthday cake.

For beverages, you can freeze fruit punch to make red ice cubes. Then use them inside a lighter shade punch, such as lemonade or apple juice. The ice cubes will look like beautiful jewels, and will add a fun flavor to any drink you choose.

Pirate Party Favors
This pirate party favor is sure to be a big hit with all the kids and it will make the birthday child feel extra special because you can personalize them with the child’s name and whatever other message you would like. You could also give the children toy swords, eye patches, stuffed parrots, chocolate gold coins or toy treasure chests.

Throwing a pirate themed birthday party can be so much fun, especially since there are all types of pirate activities the children can enjoy. With everything from treasure hunts to costume contests, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to throwing a pirate birthday party.

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